St. Padre Pio Parish

2019 High School Senior Award
Application Deadline: May 5th
Questions? Contact MaryAnn Dorman at [email protected]
Or call/text, 585-409-1667

Qualification for Senior Award:

  • High School Senior who is member of St Padre Pio Parish
  • Have received or in process of receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation
  • Demonstrates a commitment to our church and community

Requirements to apply for Senior Award:

  • Complete the online application
  • List Parish Service and/or Ministry
  • Write a one-page essay in your own words. “How have you practiced your Catholic Faith throughout High School?”
  • Written letter of recommendation from a parishioner other than a family member or parish staff.


  • Available on
  • Submit completed application and materials by deadline of May 5th.
  • NO late application and/or materials will be accepted.


  • Presented at the Recognition Mass, 10am Mass June 2nd
  • Contributions for Award:
    • Altar and Rosary Society
    • Men’s Group
    • Oktoberfest Committee
    • Bereavement Committee
    • Private Donations
  • Awards will be granted according to the amount donated and qualifications of applicants

Judging Process:

  • There will be at least one representative from the Altar and Rosary Society, Men’s Group, Oktoberfest Committee and Bereavement Committee.
  • The decision of the selection committee is final. Neither the selection committee, nor the staff at St. Padre Pio will release justification for recipient selection.

Written Letter of Recommendation:

  • Submit online by clicking the link by deadline of May 5th.
  • Staff at St Padre Pio Parish or family members are not eligible.
  • Late letters of recommendations will not be accepted.


  • One page, sticking to the topic.
  • Submit online by clicking the link by deadline of May 5th.
  • Late essay will not be accepted.

Parish Service and Ministry:

  • Must document completely all parish service and ministry.
  • Late documentation will not be accepted.
  • DateHoursParish OrganizationDescription of Volunteer Work 
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  • YearHoursParish MinistryFrequency 
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  • (Please give description & date)
  • “How have you practiced your Catholic Faith throughout High School?”
  • Family and St Padre Pio Parish Staff not eligible. All applications and materials must be submitted online ONLY by May 5th